About La Joya de Nosara

Welcome to La Joya de Nosara! Our construction was completed in 2022 with a vision to provide our guests with comfortable accommodations set in the stunning tropical surroundings of Nosara. Our buildings are conveniently situated around the pool area, while each terrace and balcony offer individual privacy.

In our outdoor rancho, we have a BBQ grill and adobe oven, with a lovely dining area beside the pool. Our gardens are beautifully manicured, frequently visited by hummingbirds, butterflies and howler monkeys.

We offer our guests a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, with the option of setting out for long beach walks, explore nature trails, and discover popular restaurants in the neighborhood. Pelada beach is truly a gem on the Pacific Coast, where you can marvel at blow holes during the changing tides and breathtaking scenery. Come and experience the tropical paradise that is La Joya de Nosara!


Apartment Amenities

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